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Women of India

India is a diverse country with so many people living together. This country is filled with joy, color, cultures, vibrance, and contrast between them. A beautiful country to visit, it will also present to you a new perspective at every juncture.

Being a women photographer, I was aware of the challenges that come in front of women of India. Child marriage, Dowry, Lack of education, Unequal distribution of resources, Societal pressure, Lack of equal opportunities are a few to name, but the list goes beyond that.

During my photography journey, I came across a lot of women who showed me different aspects of their femininity along with the strength they carry alongside. Through these images, I want to take you into the heart of Indian women.

The journey begins - Birth

Every time I see a mother cradling her child, I am filled in awe with the wonder of birth. The mother can bring another human being into this world. She provides that tiny little baby with the strength to tackle the troubles of this world. She is not just a carrier of the baby but the first contact of the child with this human world. She contains within the strength to conquer it all if faced with troubles, and yet can be as gentle as a feather while handling a child. This is the power of a woman who loves and fights with the intensity of the sun.

School going girls - Mirth and joy with a pop of colors as their companions

As the girls grow up, their world begins to expand. These small steps towards schools are going to bring a giant leap in the progress of humanity. They are the future of our country.

Even today a lot of girls are denied basic schooling, but with changing times and increasing awareness, more such groups of giggling girls were spotted during my journey.

Dreams in these eyes

These eyes hold myriads of dreams that will be manifested by the strong will and brave heart of our girl. With the strength of education comes the responsibility of home upon them.

Despite these responsibilities, the women of India are not someone who can be completely held back. They might take a bit longer but they always open the gates of success with their strength and determination.

Unspoiled joys

Despite the troubles chasing them and the struggles going on, the smallest of the joys are relished by these beautiful women.

These unspoiled joys paint the world bright and vivid for eyes to see and wonder in the magic created by them. It doesn't matter the situation they are in; their strength pulls them out of it and then follows the pleasure of simple things around them.

Chaotic Simplicity

With every festival and flavor, they bring out the inner magic to fill the world around us with magical bliss. Just looking at the smile makes the viewer replicate that smile.

Women of India are bright beams of sunshine on a cloudy day, soaring ahead of the world and lighting up the path for others.


Motherhood for a woman is not something that restricts her, but with it comes the strength that nurtures nature. it is something where even nature bows and humanity worships her as she brings another human being into this world.

'Her' Path

She knows that she is not just someone's mother, sister, wife, or mistress, but a human being capable of creating her own existence in this world. She knows that despite these tags imposed upon her by society, I am a Women in my own right, and know how to take care of herself. Her journey continues, and she brings along her own umbrella to cope with it.

The daily life around her is dependent upon her, and all those who think she is dependent upon them are fools waiting to get enlightened.

Old Age - Time for Reminiscing the Circle of Life

Throughout her life, a woman plays a different role at a different stage of her life. She is a child, a girl with responsibility, a mother, and an individual.

The life around her blurs and she becomes the main character of her story.

She takes the reign of her life and brings her own spotlight towards herself. Instead of being the main character behind the screens, she removes the mask and claims the rightful spotlight.

She is infinite, she is her experiences and much more. She is the chores she did, the struggles she endured, the education she imparted, the people she inspired, the world she nurtured, and the women she emerges.

She has her own empire of emotions and talents that she excels in, she is a woman.

And The Journey Continues...

As I wander through more and more cities and meet more women, I continue to fall in awe of their beauty and their strength. The moment I think that the world around me is overwhelming, and I cannot fight the demons surrounding me, I remember these women. Their strength, their beauty, their smiles, their growth gives me the strength to carry on through the path that I have opted for myself. Even when I have said goodbye to them, their spirit and blessings travel with me to the remote corners I explore. So this Women's Day, I want to salute those brave beauties that walk along with me through my journey and give me a chance to become a part of theirs.

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Beautiful journey as you are....


Hiren Khambhayta
Hiren Khambhayta
Mar 08, 2022

Beautiful collection documenting women's journey

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