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My Journey from MBA to Photography

The time I stepped out of my school, I knew what I was going to do in my life, specially career-wise. It was more of an obvious and the most predictable life you can say, where we all were familiar of being a CA or an MBA at some point. Every time anyone asked me, “Bade hoke kya karna hai?” and the answer would be “MBA” I had a well thought plan about my career life well in advance as per my age. At 16 – passed out from school At 18 – completed my college in commerce At 21 – completed my graduation in BMS At 23 – completed my post-graduation in MBA-Finance Following with 2 years of job (what I had thought of) At 25/26 – get married (again, something that I had thought of) & that will be my life (a thought that I was always convinced of) But life had some different plans for me, after my MBA, I worked for 7 months and left my job. Knowing the fact that even though I was earning, I wasn’t happy at all. Being a finance student, I was doing a monotonous marketing job, where I wasn’t really convinced with the designation. I then took a break of 3 months doing nothing at all, just passing time in a slow pace. Photography was my passion. Like, during college times I used to click many random photos from my mobile phone camera. Sitting at home idle and doing nothing was too frustrating for me, suddenly a thought came in my mind of why not join a Photography Institute and learn something new and creative, especially when I actually have my interest towards it. So then, I found a course related to Photography and did an advanced course in NIP Dadar, in February 2014. The day when I stepped into the Institute, trust me I was really very excited to look forward and learn new things about Photography. I was completely clueless of how will these 2 months pass and what all will I actually learn, but by getting a practical session on streets and studios, I realized I was enjoying it and was really looking forward for all the tasks. Various kinds of photography and a bit of its techniques like panning landscape, portrait, and many different features like aperture and shutter speed caught my interest towards photography. I started loving all of this so much as time passed. Then one day luckily a cousin of mine bought a new camera – Canon 600D for himself, but it was me who was using it most of the time (I’m sure he must have wondered who does the camera belongs to, LOL). I kept on practicing at home by clicking a splash photography, pictures of bags and any element that I found at my place. I didn’t stop and further continued at my building’s garden too by clicking pictures of birds, flowers, sunset and so on. So, that is how I switched my whole career and got so fascinated with that shutter button

February 2014 – and it all began from that time. #happy

Few 2014 photos

Will share my journey of 6 years in photography in my next blog!

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