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Wondering your life’s purpose is very much important, especially when you believe that you are born to be different. Hi, I’m Roshani Shah, a traveler and a photographer from Mumbai. Also, a believer of breaking the stereotypes society and creating my own tenacious life.


Like any other person, I was a girl who has been ambitious of studying really hard, getting into the corporate world and reaching on top of the ladder of success. That’s how I completed my MBA in finance, worked in a corporate company and life went just the way I thought I should be. Little did I know, that wasn’t something that was making me happy at the end of the day. My innermost feelings knew I loved photography and I should be doing that. But, I also had thoughts of how can it be my career, especially when I have my education completed and in place. 


Leaving everything and walking out as a photographer was a very risky decision, but somewhere deep down my heart knew I’d be happy doing this. That’s how, photography showed me a way to open up my zest for life. Many hurdles, many challenges, many denials came up, but I knew one thing for sure that, “There are thousands of moments around you, so pick your best one and frame it.” Travel, Click, Smile, Laugh and Live became like a daily dose of my life! Just the way I dreamt of. I did use some of my MBA skills into practice, to ensure my study doesn’t go in vain. I learned to multitask, be creative and conceptual with my ideas in photography or anything else that came my way.


I strongly believe in valuing time and quality in every walk of life. Well, it is rightly said that, 'Time and tide wait for none'. This is my driving force towards being strong enough taking risks in life and doing what I love to do. I would love to preach it loud that, “Don’t procrastinate, do what you love and live for today, because you are blessed with one Life and it’s precious!“ Whatever I do, I cherish it to the fullest; I deliver the best that my work demands with uttermost sincerity, dedication and passion. I believe my value of time and quality is my USP, helping me build stronger relationships with people around and maintain a good network. This led me to collaborate with multiple top brands and having my work published too. What fun is it to not be a little bit crazy and weird while you enjoy doing your work? Being passionate, enthusiastic and a person who is always eager to learn new skills is who I like to be. 


Walking with pals, miles farther, spreading smiles make this beautiful journey. Letting my photographs speak and connecting hearts were what I always wish to see. 


#SpreadKhushiya, this can make your life more happy and easy. 

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